CAPE CORAL, FLFred DeBono has retired from the City of Cape Coral, Fla., where he was fleet manager. DeBono joined the City of Cape Coral's Fleet Division in 1993 and was promoted to fleet manager in 1999.

Managing the fleet of Florida's second-largest city and one of the fastest-growing cities in the Southeast is not a small task. The City possesses a large inventory of complex motorized equipment and supporting items with a replacement value of several million dollars.

Using a strict utilization management policy, DeBono ensured his vehicles and equipment were utilized sufficiently and economically. DeBono also implemented an advanced fuel management program in 2006 using a wireless radio frequency system to control the volume of fuel consumed by his fleet.

Along with his reputable fleet management policies, DeBono provided his staff with a well-rounded working environment that included cross-training at all levels and encouraged advancement. These accomplishments earned him a spot as a finalist for Government Fleet magazine's 2006 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year.

Following retirement, DeBono moved back to Michigan.  

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet