TORRANCE, CAThe AF Fleet Manager of the Year Award was created to recognize an experienced and proficient fleet manager who has demonstrated special business acumen in developing and executing key management policies in all areas. Several past nominees share their experiences.

"My company was very proud that I got nominated and acknowledged the nomination in several internal publications. I also got lots of congratulations from my fellow fleet managers. And my two sons are impressed that they have a mother who gets to be in a magazine!" – Donna Bibbo, Novo Nordisk Inc., 2008 nominee

"This nomination was an unexpected recognition and quite an honor. The congratulations I received from my peers and co-workers were very gratifying." Mike Moser, Lewis Tree Service, Inc., 2008 nominee

"There were many accolades from other fleet managers that I know, as well as congratulatory calls from vendors, suppliers. I also got some calls from fleet managers who asked for my advice on issues common to all fleets, or unique situations within their fleet. It was nice to be recognized for years of achievements in managing my fleet, and be considered as a top fleet manager nationally." Phil Schreiber, OTIS Service Center, 2008 nominee 

Qualified nominees must be full-time commercial fleet managers, control a company-owned or leased fleet in excess of 100 cars and light trucks combined, and be recognized nationally among their peers for their unique abilities and accomplishments. Candidates will be narrowed down to three and the award announced at the 2009 NAFA Institute & Expo in New Orleans in April. 

Finalists will be featured in the March and April 2009 issues of Automotive Fleet and a profile of the winner will be included in the June issue of the magazine. Click here to read about Merck & Co.'s Joe LaRosa, 2008 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year.

Past winners include:

2008 Joe LaRosa, Merck & Co.

2007 Lynda Dinwiddie, LabCorp

2006 Scott Mayo, Wendy's International, Inc.

2005 Jim McCarthy, Siemens

2004 Henry Paetzel, General Mills

2003 Josie Sharp, Aventis

2002 Jim Anselmi, Lorillard

2001 Patsy Brownson, Cox Enterprises

2000 Shirley Collins, Glaxo-Wellcome

Know someone who should receive this prestigious recognition? Nominate them now!

Only two nominations are allowed per company. All nominations must be received no later than Friday, Jan. 16.  


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