LAS VEGAS Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc. will launch its proprietary telematics systems this year. The all-new systems will be available on select models with customized versions for both Lexus and Toyota brands.

"Our primary focus while developing our services was on three key traits: choice, convenience and control," said Jon Bucci, TMS vice president, Advanced Technology Department.

The Toyota brand will introduce Safety Connect on select Toyota models, helping to bring its drivers an added peace of mind. Lexus will introduce Lexus Enform with Safety Connect, a service built on the foundation of valuable safety and security services with the added layer of more convenience-oriented features and specialized advanced technologies.

"Prior to entering the U.S. market full force, Toyota practiced a deliberate approach to product development based on our experience in Japan, in-depth research and relentless product testing in order to both deliver to customers' expectations and produce systems befitting the Toyota name," said Bucci. "Safety Connect and Lexus Enform are the results of several years of due diligence and dedicated teams working in partnership with our highly experienced providers."

Available on both Lexus and Toyota brands, Safety Connect is the cornerstone of Toyota's new telematics offerings and will provide fundamental services to help extend confidence to drivers on the road.

"Based on our experience and research, our core safety and security technology is embedded in the vehicle to help ensure reliability and responsiveness," said Bucci.

As the foundation of Toyota's telematics systems and available on select vehicles, Safety Connect will include the following four safety and security facets:

  • Automatic collision notification (ACN).
  • Stolen vehicle location (SVL).
  • Emergency assistance button (SOS).
  • Roadside assistance.

Lexus Enform takes Toyota's telematics services to a new level of care with a diverse assortment of offerings ranging from information and convenience capabilities to up-to-the-minute weather reports.

"We specifically steered away from a one-size-fits-all approach," explained Bucci, "recognizing that we have two distinct markets for telematics products and services and catering our offerings to each of our valued customer sets."

The cornerstones of Lexus Enform are two convenience-based services: Destination Assist and eDestination. With these features, Lexus vehicles can become a virtual information tool—giving drivers the ability to send and receive the data they choose and need along the way. Both services also rest on the solid foundation of Toyota's dedicated ATX call center.

Other features include:

  • Flexible voice interface.
  • Mobile audio casts with Lexus Insider.
  • XM – Beyond Radio.

Safety Connect and Lexus Enform will be delivered on select models beginning in late summer 2009 as embedded, factory-installed hardware that can be activated upon subscription at dealerships. An included one-year trial subscription will be offered for new vehicle purchases. More details on product roll-out will be announced closer to launch. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet