DETROIT Ford has announced a major commitment to deliver a suite of electrified vehicles by 2012. The automaker's path to the complicated future of vehicle electrification will focus on building products customers want on global platforms at an affordable price. Significantly reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions will follow.

Ford recognizes the challenges of vehicle electrification and continues to work on the development of future technologies, such as battery electric vehicle (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) systems. In addition to pursuing a new technological direction for the automobile with as much conservative spending investment as possible, Ford will seek out new stakeholders key to the successful transformation of personal vehicles from their dependence on traditional internal combustion engines to more sophisticated, fuel saving, reduced-emission powerplants of the future.

Near-term sustainability actions include downsizing and boosting engines with EcoBoost, volume introduction of fuel-saving six-speed transmissions, weight reductions and aerodynamic enhancements. Mid-term and long-term actions will be driven by similar requirements for mass-market accessibility.

Ford is incorporating electrified powertrains into two major new global product platforms on the horizon – one a new Focus-size C-car platform and another for Fusion-size, CD segment vehicles.

The automaker plans to introduce its electrified vehicles in North America and later leverage opportunities for the products in Europe and Asia-Pacific as well. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet