TORRANCE, CA – Brian McVeigh, retiring general manager of GM Fleet & Commercial Operations visited Bobit Business Media's (BBM) Torrance headquarters Feb. 4 on his farewell tour. McVeigh's successor, Jim Campbell, accompanied him on his visit, along with Bill Palace, GM western regional manager.

The group met with BBM's Ed Bobit, chairman; Ty Bobit, president & CEO; and Sherb Brown, vice president & group publisher, Auto Group. Ed Bobit honored McVeigh with a "Leader of the Decade" in front of the newly inaugurated Fleet Hall of Fame Wall. 

"There was added importance to the inauguration of the industry's Fleet Hall of Fame christening at Automotive Fleet's offices in February. It coincided with a visit with retiring GM Fleet General Manager Brian McVeigh, newly announced replacement James Campbell, and Western Regional Manager Bill Palace, who lauded the recognition of fleet's pioneers."

After spending nearly 39 years with the company, McVeigh will retire as general manager of GM Fleet & Commercial Operations March 1, a position he has held since March 1, 2003. Jim Campbell assumed his new role effective Feb. 1.

Prior to his new appointment, Campbell was director of retail incentives. Campbell also served as marketing director for Chevrolet cars, a position he has held since April 2004. Campbell was responsible for overseeing the entire Chevy car lineup, setting a strategy for his staff to create market presence for Chevy cars, build brand equity, develop advertising and establish price positioning. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet