DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc. recently introduced technology enhancements to support its Application Code concept, which launched earlier this year. The development offers fleets a new way to analyze and compare their vehicles based on how they're used and accurately judge and measure the fleet's performance.

Application codes are a universal set of categories that describe how a vehicle is used within a fleet and can aid in most major fleet management decisions. For example, the same vehicle may have different business functions within the fleet (e.g. Service Route Delivery or Service Call Response), which usually means differing driving conditions, downtime cost, mileage, and lifecycle decisions. Application codes help organize this data and enable fleets to benchmark within their organization and across industries, all while providing a common understanding of the fleet's multiple uses.

Wheels embedded the application concept into all facets of their business from operational processes to technology tools in order to keep aligned with the important decisions and activities that impact fleets. This integration includes expense control analysis using Wheels' industry-leading expense management tools, Cost Projection and Expense Variance. Application Code is also tied in with the ordering process and the Reporting and Inventory sections of FleetView. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet