HERNDON, VA - Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, there's been a shark sighting at a prominent German automaker, according to www.Wired.com.

The Audi Shark concept is 26-year-old Kazim Doku's winning entry into a design competition co-sponsored by Audi and Milan's Domus Academy. Although the Shark may be wearing the four rings representing Quattro all-wheel drive, the concept is actually a no-wheel drive hovercraft.

Still, familiar elements of Audi's signature style remain - which isn't hard considering how gorgeous Walter de'Silva's creations already are.

"Reflecting Audi's clean and perfect lines, I designed a super sport automobile," Doku told Wired.com. Adding that the driving position is similar to a motorcycle "but with a car's security."

LED lights come straight out of the S5 parts bin, but the rear-hinged glass cockpit and air foils come straight out of the future. We also appreciate the side view mirrors, a must when gliding over roadways at breakneck speed.

Doku has already won three other prizes for automotive design. He credits a lifelong love of car design and "watching the automotive industry [and] carrying the designs to the computer screen" for his success.

Previous prize-winning concepts include the fabric-skinned Peugeot Ustuminki, which finaled in the 2007 Peugeot Design Competition, and first prize in Turkey's Ototrend contest for a no-doored concept called KA-Design.

Sadly, though first prize in the design competition was a 70-percent scholarship to the Domus Academy, Doku told Wired.com that he was still unable to afford the remaining fees and has withdrawn his application for the Master's in Automotive Design program.

View a video of the concept vehicle below:

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet