PRINCETON, NJ – Christopher Amos, CAFM, will become the 31st president of NAFA Fleet Management Association during a changing of the guard at the NAFA's 2009 Institute & Expo in New Orleans this April. The election of Amos, along with the other Trustees, was officially announced by the association today.

Amos, a member of NAFA since 1991, is the commissioner of Equipment Services for the City of St. Louis. Through the years, he has been involved with numerous NAFA committees as a member, chairperson, or reporting officer. He ascends to the Presidency after previously holding positions of senior vice president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. In 2003, Amos was awarded NAFA's initial Excellence in Education Award and remains instrumental in helping to further NAFA's role in fleet education. Amos succeeds Gayle Pratt of Ecolab, Inc. as NAFA President.

"I believe the fleet management profession is finally coming of age with business and government executives, and even the general public, recognizing the importance of properly managing the essential assets related to fleet," Amos said in an interview with FLEETSolutions, NAFA's official magazine.

"NAFA, its members, and affiliates, have been responsible for this progress over the past 52 years. NAFA began to emerge from its cocoon in the early 1990s when the then-largely commercial, light-duty, leased fleet manager leadership made the leap to recruit and embrace government fleet managers...The Association has become stronger, more diverse, and more representative of the fleet industry as a result. Current strategic initiatives have us poised to make those types of bold moves again."

In addition to Amos, NAFA has named:

  • Doug Weichman, CAFM: Senior vice president.
  • Claude Masters, CAFM & Marvin Fletcher, CAFM: Vice presidents.
  • Kate Vigneau, CAFM: Vice president for Canada and Northern Region Trustee.
  • Ruth Alfson, CAFM: Secretary.
  • Bryan Flansburg, CAFM: Treasurer.
  • John Alley, CAFM: Trustee - Western Region.
  • Sheryl Grossman: Trustee - Central Region.
  • Jeff Jeter: Trustee - Eastern Region.
  • Gayle Pratt: Trustee - Past President.
  • Matt Betz: Trustee - Affiliate.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet