HARRISBURG, PA – Pennsylvania state police personnel placed 243 trucks out of service during a one-day enforcement effort that focused on inspecting commercial vehicles along rural roads and non-interstate highways in Pennsylvania, according to a statement by the Pennsylvania State Police Department.

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Commonwealth Rural Roads and State Highways detail (C.R.A.S.H.), was conducted April 7 by members of state police motor carrier enforcement teams.

Commissioner Frank Pawlowski said 1,258 commercial vehicles were inspected. In addition to placing 243 vehicles out of service, Pennsylvania state police issued 791 traffic citations and 1,917 written warnings for vehicle and driver violations.

"Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration statistics show that more than 50 percent of commercial motor vehicle crashes and fatalities in Pennsylvania occur in rural areas and on non-interstate highways," Pawlowski said. "Our goal is to make all of our roads safer."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet