HERNDON, VA - While Audi's new TT-RS was on display at the Geneva Motor Show, only the Coupe variant was showcased. That was because the first public outing for the TT-RS Roadster was scheduled for the Leipzig Motor Show in Germany, where it was joined by the A4 All-Road Quattro, A5 Cabriolet, and R8 V-10 FSI.

Similar to the TT-RS Coupe, the Roadster variant features a 340 hp five-cylinder petrol engine with direct-injection and turbocharging technologies. This will see it accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 4.7 seconds (4.6 seconds for the Coupe), and easily reach an electronically controlled top speed of 155 mph. Audi's turbo engines are renowned for their relatively flat torque curves, and this one is no different. It generates 332 lb.-ft. from 1,600 rpm to 5,300 rpm and should deliver easily accessible performance.

A six-speed manual is fitted as standard, as well as ventilated disc brakes with black four-piston aluminum calipers and diameters of 370 mm at the front and 310 mm at the rear.

One RS trademark transferred to the TT-RS is the addition of the sport button, which alters throttle response and also opens a flap in the left exhaust tailpipe to increase the rumble. The standard electronic stability software has been replaced with a sportier version more forgiving to sideways action that can also be switched off completely.

Other RS specifics include a quattro permanent AWD system, a sophisticated electronic chassis and suspension management system, a fixed rear wing as opposed to the adjustable spoiler found on more mundane TT models, 18-in. aluminum wheels, and twin-exit oval exhaust pipes.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet