DULUTH, GAEZ Fuel & Tank Solutions announced an exclusive Agreement with Blue1 International of Belgium has been finalized between the two organizations. This agreement will give EZ Fuel the ability to manufacture and distribute the same proven, quality DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) mini-bulk storage and dispensing systems that are in use throughout Europe today.  

"This Agreement is the ideal arrangement for DEF customers. We will combine our nationwide sales and service infrastructure with the product expertise that blue1 has perfected" stated Dave Polak, EZ Fuel President and CEO.  "I am pleased with the commitment Blue1 has made to help us provide state-of-art, environmentally safe, mini-bulk systems for SCR fleets and retail customers in this country."


Polak also announced the formation of a new company, Blue1USA, that will be dedicated to providing this DEF equipment for the SCR industry.  Blue1USA will manufacture and distribute the Blue1 mini-bulk systems along with other DEF storage and dispensing products.  All DEF systems will be manufactured in the United States.  The ownership and management of Blue1USA will be the same as EZ Fuel. Product information can be found at www.blue1usa.com.

Charles Culverhouse, Marketing and Sales Manager for Blue1USA states, "We are excited to be working with an experienced organization such as Blue1.  We want to do our part by providing DEF solutions that will help SCR fleets as well as the environment.  Our organization is proud to be a part of this new growth industry that is currently creating desperately needed jobs in spite of the current economic climate".

The EPA has mandated that effective, January 1, 2010, all diesel engines must substantially reduce harmful NOx emissions.  The most widely accepted method will be to inject Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the exhaust of vehicles using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. This technology has proven to significantly improve fuel economy. 

EZ Fuel & Tank Solutions is a nationwide provider of aboveground fleet fueling systems, petroleum equipment and turnkey installation services (www.ezfuel.com).

Blue1 International is a manufacturer and distributor of mini-bulk systems throughout Europe.  Their industrial and commercial mini-bulk systems can be found in more than twenty countries (www.blue1.be). 

For more information please contact:

Charles Culverhouse,  Marketing and Sales Manager




Originally posted on Automotive Fleet