HERNDON, VA - Audi of America is the first market to completely integrate the Audi brand into the next generation of the Audi Web site, including dealer and regional Web sites, according to the manufacturer.

Factory Design Labs launched the next generation Web site for Audi of America at www.audiusa.com. In cooperation with AUDI AG and their agency Neue Digitale, this launch culminated an eighteen-month effort to create a more robust, informative, and intuitive Web site that dynamically displays the progressive Audi brand.

The new www.audiusa.com is designed to offer a richer, more intuitive shopping experience, while enhancing the progressive design, safety, technology, and innovation Audi is known for, according to the company.

The next generation Web site integration is part of an ongoing commitment to build the brand and capture additional market share. By utilizing the latest computer graphics interface (CGI), the Web site offers dynamic perspectives of Audi models impossible to experience with traditional video or still photography. This allows for a more intuitive, consumer-friendly online environment.

The site is designed to appeal to a wide variety of consumer interests. The advanced technology components speak directly to the owner, ensuring they remain engaged and enthusiastic. Additionally, more downloadable content is available on a variety of Audi topics. Videos on the Web site are featured in High Definition (HD) giving the site more HD content than any other site in the automotive category.

Visitors to the site will experience industry-leading vehicle search results and functionality. Users can search vehicles by 12 different fields including transmission, body style, engine, mileage rating, and much more. To enhance the search experience, the company says it is the first auto manufacturer Web site to provide a free CARFAX summary report, specific car details - all without the user having to request a report.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet