HERNDON, VA - Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced they have been named a corporate leader in Strategic Vision Inc.'s Total Quality Index (TQI). This marks the fourth consecutive year in a row that Volkswagen of America has been honored as a leader in the TQI rankings.

For 2009, Volkswagen has the most models across the segments being measured than any other brand - New Beetle, Rabbit, Jetta, CC, and Tiguan - are all TQI leaders for their respective segments. 

"We're excited that Volkswagen continues to do so well in Strategic Vision's Total Quality Index," said Mark Barnes, COO, Volkswagen of America, Inc.  "It reiterates that our vehicles provide a high standard of quality, are fun to drive, and that our owners are some of the most passionate brand advocates in the market."

The Strategic Vision Total Quality Index offers a complete measure of new vehicle owner satisfaction.  It asks customers to evaluate all aspects of their ownership experience, from purchasing and owning to performance and handling. It is much more than just counting problems, rather it provides an overall impression of how customers evaluate their new vehicle ownership experience. 

"In today's difficult market, the difference between products that generate consideration, build brands and increase sales versus those that do not is often how much delight and love the product generates with its customers," said Dr. Darrel Edwards, chairman of Strategic Vision.

To calculate TQI, Strategic Vision asks owners to evaluate their new car experience by measuring: The initial perception of quality, the overall perception of satisfaction, the willingness to be an advocate for the brand, emotional attachment to vehicle, future purchase intention associated with the brand and overall experience with the vehicle.  Strategic Vision also asks the customers to evaluate the experience based on product attributes and their dealership experience as well.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet