IRVINE, CA - The all-new, recently released 2010 Jaguar XJ has a new starting price of $72,500, including the destination charge. That's for the base model with a 385-hp V-8. The outgoing XJ had a 300-hp V-8 and started at $65,700 (without destination).

Other rear-wheel-drive luxury sedans, such as the BMW 750i and Lexus LS 460, start at $80,300 and $63,825, respectively.

Full pricing on each trim level is below.

XJ Pricing

  • XJ: $72,500
  • XJL: $79,500
  • XJ Supercharged: $87,500
  • XJL Supercharged: $90,500
  • XJ Supersport: $112,000
  • XJL Supersport: $115,000


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet