DETROIT - General Motors Company has finalized the nine-member executive committee that will lead the new GM, according to a statement released July 23.

Led by Fritz Henderson, GM president and CEO, GM will speed day-to-day decision making by replacing two senior leadership forums, the Automotive Strategy Board and Automotive Product Board, with a single, smaller executive committee. The executive committee membership will include:

  • Bob Lutz, vice chairman, marketing and communications.
  • Tom Stephens, vice chairman, global product development.
  • Nick Reilly, executive vice president, GM International Operations.
  • Ray Young, executive vice president, chief financial officer.
  • Tim Lee, group vice president, global manufacturing and labor relations.
  • John Smith, group vice president, corporate planning and alliances, and secretary of the executive committee.
  • Mark LaNeve, vice president, U.S. sales.
  • Bob Socia, vice president, global purchasing and supply chain.

The New GM officially launched operations July 10.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet