MANCHESTER, NH - Willow Run Foods, a fast-food systems distributor, has implemented Cadec's Mobius TTS system on its full fleet of nearly 100 vehicles. The system will allow Willow Run to collect more detailed data on vehicles and driver behavior and convey data wirelessly from truck cabs back to the yard in real-time, according to Cadec.

According to Willow Run Director of IT Michael Albertson, the company has been tracking Cadec products for the past two years as it contemplated making a change. "The interface for drivers is very intuitive and easy to learn," he said.

Willow Run is now using Mobius TTS to track vehicle location, driver behavior such as speeding and excessive idling, and delivery details. The company has integrated Mobius TTS with its routing and driver payroll applications so that they can automatically exchange data to further automate supply chain management.

Michael Baney, CEO of Cadec, noted that in the foodservice industry, on-time delivery is everything. "This will enable them to provide better service to customers; improve the accuracy of inventory, logs and payroll records; and accelerate invoicing," he said.

Willow Run Foods serves customers in 14 states, including Wendy's, Boston Market, Arby's, Quizno's, Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits, and Sonic.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet