LOS ANGELES - DOTMOBIL US announced the availability of proven European DOTSTATION and DOTBOX technologies that make it possible for businesses with fleets of any size to seamlessly integrate smart fleet management and asset tracking systems that maximize service efficiencies, drive out waste, hammer down operating costs and boost profits while freeing up resources.

"To survive in this economy, smart fleet managers in Europe are leveraging our technology to meet increasing market challenges with tighter financial budgets," stated Paul Scholz, the President of DOTMOBIL North America.  Our approach is not that of a hardware vendor but that of a strategic business partner.  In this way we are able to deploy a system that truly contributes to the prosperity of the business. "

Scholz continued, "In fact, on average our clients are realizing a 15 to 1 ROI with our system.  Our clients span many different and diverse industries; we have not come across an industry yet that doesn't thrive with our systems.  If a business has personnel, vehicles and assets in the field - we can help them gain a competitive advantage that few other business investments can provide, if any."

"In order to make it easy for folks to learn about our system, we are doing live demonstrations and confidential ROI analyses with interested fleet owners and managers."

About DOTMOBIL North America

DOTMOBIL North America (www.dotmobil.us) is a d.b.a. of Dotmobil Inc., a privately held US company headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  For more information, they can be contacted by phone at: 323.795.2400, or by email at: info@dotmobil.com.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet