SAN DIEGO - Networkfleet, Inc., a wireless fleet management provider, celebrated its ten-year anniversary Aug. 26. One of the largest fleet telematics suppliers, Networkfleet now has more than 100,000 subscriber vehicles in the U.S. generating more than 10 million messages daily. Since its founding a decade ago, the company has amassed access to more than 50 issued and pending patents surrounding remote vehicle diagnostics.

Throughout the past ten years, Networkfleet has experienced rapid growth due to its role in helping commercial and government fleets reduce fuel costs, maintenance expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. With Networkfleet's growing family of products and services, commercial and government fleets benefit from real-time, precise information to improve the efficiency of their fleets. Networkfleet customers represent a broad range of industries, including service fleets, delivery fleets, transportation services, construction companies and all levels of government.

"Networkfleet is proud of its ten year history of growth and innovation," said Keith Schneider, president of Networkfleet. "Customers are increasingly looking at a supplier's stability and longevity, which has contributed to Networkfleet's rapid subscriber growth. In addition, Networkfleet's remote engine diagnostic capability has become essential to reducing fuel consumption and maintenance expenses. This together with our partnerships with world-class leasing companies, resellers and software companies has helped us to become one of the industry's leading telematics providers."

 "Ten years is an impressive milestone in the fragmented telematics market. Over that period of time, Networkfleet has emerged as one of the leading U.S. suppliers of telematics solutions for the fleet market", said Clem Driscoll, president of C.J. Driscoll & Associates, a consulting and market research firm specializing in wireless location-based products and services.

Company History

Networkfleet was founded in 1999 by Diego Borrego, its current VP of product engineering. Borrego's business plan for a wireless engine monitoring system won an award in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 50K Entrepreneurship Competition. Formerly with General Motors, Borrego designed Networkfleet to read diagnostic codes from all vehicle classes and types and to connect with various in-vehicle communications systems. From Borrego's early design, the engineering teams at Networkfleet built a robust application that includes Web-based software and advanced features. In 2006, the company was purchased by Hughes Telematics, a leader in developing the next generation of telematics solutions, which include vehicle-based information and communications systems.

Community Involvement

Networkfleet believes in contributing to the community and has been involved with a variety of community projects over the past ten years. These include donating and delivering food to local fire departments during wildfires, adopting a beach in San Diego and offering volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. In addition to the company's technology having a significant impact on reducing emissions, Networkfleet has undertaken a major green initiative at its corporate offices. The company-wide program includes reducing waste by eliminating use of Styrofoam and plastic, re-using and recycling paper, reducing e-waste by recycling electronics, and lowering energy use.

About Networkfleet

Networkfleet is a provider of wireless fleet management services that improve fleet operating efficiency by reducing fuel consumption, maintenance expenses and vehicle emissions. The company's technology combines patented remote diagnostic monitoring with GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems. With access to more than 50 patents issued or pending, the company received the 2008 AeA High Tech award and was a finalist in Connect's 2008 Most Innovative Product Award for clean technology. Founded in 1999, Networkfleet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hughes Telematics, Inc. and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit

About Hughes Telematics, Inc.

Hughes Telematics, Inc. is implementing the next generation of connected services for the automobile. Centered on a core platform of safety and security offerings, the company develops and manages vehicle- and driver-centric solutions to enhance the driving and ownership experience. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Hughes Telematics offers a portfolio of consumer, manufacturer, fleet and dealer services provided through two-way connectivity to the vehicle. Networkfleet, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Telematics located in San Diego, Calif., offers remote vehicle diagnostics, an integrated GPS tracking and emissions monitoring system for wireless fleet vehicle management.  Additional information about Hughes Telematics can be found at


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