ALBANY, NY - The New York Department of Motor Vehicles' (NYDMV) 25-percent fee increase implemented Sept. 1 is having a significant impact on fleet budgets, according to

Because commercial vehicles vary by weight, the increase in registration fees will range from $3 to $52.

New York residents will now have to pay $64.50, as opposed to $50, for the standard eight-year driver's license fee. Those seeking to register a typical passenger vehicle will now have to pay $55, an $11 increase from the previous cost, for a two-year period.

Additionally, all vehicles registered or renewed will have to purchase new license plates for $25 starting April 2010.

NYDMV stated that the fees were raised as a way to narrow the state budget deficit. In addition, the extra money will help finance infrastructure projects.

Sarasota Springs, N.Y.-based Stewart's Shops' spokesman Tom Mailey said the increase in fees and new license plates will add to the cost of doing business in New York.

With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, "We're already in a position where we estimate about a third of every dollar that's spent in one of our shops goes out in taxes," he said.


Originally posted on Work Truck Online