TORRANCE, CA - In a new Automotive Fleet survey of primarily commercial fleet managers with 12 or more years of experience, respondents were asked to select their all-time "favorite" factory fleet director out of 29 qualified candidates based on a 5-point system. Factory fleet directors active between 1994 and present were listed from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru.

The winning favorite factory fleet directors are:  

  1. Ray Fisher - Chrysler                                       
  2. Brian McVeigh - GM
  3. Hal Feder - Ford
  4. Dave Hansen - GM
  5. Pat Dougherty - Chrysler
  6. George Frink - GM                                                                  

Because of the relatively rapid turnover of the fleet director position, three managing directors in daily contact with their fleet director's accounts (referred to as "Number 2s") were also recognized.

Here are the surprising results:

  1. Jerry Frick - Ford                                              
  2. Bill Gibson - GM
  3. Joe Gholston - Chrysler
  4. John Ruppert - Ford

Automotive Fleet extends congratulations to the winners and our thanks to those who participated in the voting.

A PowerPoint presentation will be available with the online version of the article "Who's Your All-Time Favorite Factory Fleet Director?" featured in the upcoming October issue of AF. Stay tuned.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet