DALLAS - AT&T is among several organizations participating in the Distracted Driving Summit, which starts tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

In additions to its new campaign educating the public on the dangers of behind-the-wheel texting, the company is also "in the process of revising its wireless and motor vehicle policies to expressly prohibit texting while driving," the communications company announced in a statement.

With one of the largest commercial fleets in the country, AT&T is also incorporating a section on the dangers of texting while driving in its defensive driving classes for employees who drive on the job. All of the company's nearly 290,000 employees are required to review AT&T's policies periodically. Employees who drive as part of their job are also required to take refresher defensive driving classes.

AT&T said it will continue to work with CTIA - The Wireless Association (www.ctia.org), The National Safety Council (www.nsc.org), and other third parties to support their efforts to educate the public about the dangers of texting while driving.

AT&T was ranked No.1 on Automotive Fleet's Top 300 Commercial Fleets of 2009, based on size, with 86,099 vehicles in its fleet.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet