MT. LAUREL, NJ - Automotive Resources International, a global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, announced the addition of Total Fleet S.A. to the Global Fleet Services (GFS) alliance of leading global fleet leasing and fleet management companies.

Its recognition as a premier fleet leasing company and dedication to quality service makes Total Fleet S.A. an ideal partner for the GFS alliance. Its customers will now be electronically integrated to its fleet management data in countries covered by other GFS partners, and they will benefit from a grander perspective and expert consultation on global fleet performance.

"GFS is pleased to have Total Fleet as a valued member of this global fleet management alliance," commented Carl Ortell, ARI executive vice president and COO and GFS chairman. "Fleets managed worldwide under the GFS umbrella now have another leading resource to turn to as their own global fleet needs expand."

Total Fleet S.A. is the largest fleet management company in South America with locations in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. A subsidiary of Localiza Rent a Car, it has over 36,000 vehicles under management with more than 29 years of experience.

Total Fleet S.A. provides long-term leasing, over 12 months, and offers a variety of fleet management services. Programs can be arranged as a closed-end lease with full maintenance. Services can be contracted on a guaranteed cost basis or pay as incurred.

About GFS

Founded in 1994, Global Fleet Services is an alliance of premier fleet leasing companies that are recognized as the top tier market leaders in their respective regions. The alliance has been developed on the concept of members combining their strengths to best serve international companies with global fleet needs. GFS enables businesses to develop global strategic initiatives through benchmarking and identification of global fleet synergies as well as cost savings opportunities.

About ARI

ARITM, a subsidiary of Holman Enterprises, based in Mt. Laurel, N.J., is the largest privately-held fleet leasing and management company in the world. As a single-source fleet management leader, ARI customizes innovative solutions that streamline fleet operations, help lower the cost of fleet ownership and create long-term value for customers. Today, with a workforce numbering more than 1,200 and offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe, the company manages more than 2,000 outsourced fleets (over 650,000 autos and trucks) in North America and, combined with its strategic partners, more than 1.5 million fleet vehicles globally.


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