SPARKS, MD - PHH Arval recently introduced two programs to enhance its suite of services designed to help fleets manage violations incurred by fleet drivers on the road.

The two services include:

PHH Violations Recovery program. When company drivers incur traffic violations, such as parking tickets, toll violations, and electronic red light and speeding violations, the fines, charges, penalties and fees are often paid for by the employee's company. PHH's new Violations Recovery program facilitates the recovery of these costs from the at-fault driver, including use of a secure website through which drivers can reimburse their companies.

E*Toll Account Management. PHH's E*Toll Account Management service is an enhancement to the PHH E*Toll Funds Management program, the first such program in the fleet industry. This new Account Management capability removes the burden of E*Toll account set-up, transponder procurement, and account funding. PHH handles the entire administrative process, including billing.

Bill Jones, director, Product Development for PHH Arval, says, "States and municipalities are looking for new funding sources to get them through these tough economic times. They're already targeting vehicle violations to help increase their coffers through expanded use of electronic red light and speeding violations. These new services will help our clients navigate the violations environment, while mitigating the overall risk and cost of violations and the administrative inconvenience they entail."

These two programs round out PHH's already-existing suite of violations management products, which includes E*Toll Funds Management, New York City Stipulated Fine Program, Online State Fleet Programs and Release Liability. All of these programs are designed to dramatically reduce costs and administrative burdens.

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