MONTVALE, NJ - Standard safety equipment on the new Mercedes-Benz E-class luxury sedan includes a monitor to tell sleepy drivers to get off the road, according to

Called Attention Assist, the system triggers a beep and displays the image of an espresso cup - when it determines the driver is getting sleepy and likely to cause an accident.

The system measures 70 different things, including abrupt and repeated steering and audio system adjustments, to determine the driver has begun to nod off.

A separate system on all E-classes automatically tightens the seatbelts and adjusts the front passenger seat to the safest position when emergency braking by the driver suggests a crash is imminent.

An optional safety feature automatically applies full braking force automatically when a front collision is unavoidable to reduce the force of impact. That system uses radar sensors from the car's automatic cruise control.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet