MILWAUKEE - Matthew Hilber, director of fleet management at Milwaukee-based Doering Leasing Co., has created a new focus for the company that is designed to help nonprofit organizations save money on their fleet vehicle needs, according to the Milwaukee Small Business Times.

"The needs of a nonprofit organization are so much different than they are for a for-profit business or individual," Hilber said. "This service will look at their fleet management needs from a very holistic view and focus on serving these organizations in the best, most cost-effective way that is of little drain to their resources."

Hilber plans to officially launch this division of Doering Leasing by the end of January, but has the capability to offer these services to nonprofits that need it now. For now, services will focus primarily on organizations that have their headquarters in the state of Wisconsin, but will expand to the Midwest and beyond in the future. According to Hilber, the process starts with a cost-free evaluation of the organization's current fleet services.

"I'll come out and visit with them, look at what they have and basically write up a report on the things they are doing well, the areas where they could use improvement, and the key areas that need immediate attention," he said. "I'll do a full report and then make recommendations on the best way to proceed."

During the report, Hilber will analyze whether the organization leases or owns, the maintenance plan on the vehicles, road side assistance capabilities, causes for liabilities, and other comprehensive components.

In Australia, Hilber helped some organizations save over $100,000 annually on their fleet expenses, which is a real possibility here as well, he told the Times.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet