EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - GE Capital Fleet Services announced an expansion of its 25-year relationship with G4S Wackenhut and the launch of a new version of Mobile Resource Intelligence, an award-winning telematics solution with an advanced mapping platform.

G4S Wackenhut, based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a leading provider of quality, customer focused security solutions throughout the U.S. The company has signed a 3-year full-service agreement with GE Capital Fleet Services to outfit the company's fleets with the latest telematics units. Other services utilized by G4S Wackenhut throughout its 25 years as a GE Capital Fleet Services' customer include GE's fuel program, maintenance, accident services, license renewal, and Web applications.

"Fleet optimization through the utilization of telematics will not only help us cut costs, but will also allow us to better serve our customers," said Dean Saunders, senior director of Purchasing for G4S Wackenhut. "Throughout the years that we've been a GE Capital Fleet Services' customer, they have worked closely with us to provide the tools and insight we've needed to meet business objectives. We're looking forward to driving continued improvements through this latest technology implementation."

GE's enriched telematics mapping platform incorporates ease of use, rich functionality, near real-time information and seamless integration with customers' current systems. The enhanced version improves the task of routing and dispatching mobile workers, enabling higher productivity and lower operating costs. Key features of the new Mobile Resource Intelligence include:

Closest vehicle search - Locate and dispatch vehicles in near real-time. Critical for companies with high variability in job locations, precise appointment windows or stringent service level agreements.

Same-day and historical trip history for multiple vehicles - Creates efficient routes at the lowest possible cost based on fleet trip history.

User-defined point-of-interest (POI) search and display - Allows multiple POI types to be searched, selected and simultaneously displayed on interactive map.

Near real-time POI Events - Calculates and displays when a vehicle has stopped within the POI geofence resulting in fast and accurate location validation.

Driving directions with email capability - Provides multiple ways to email turn-by-turn directions to and from any address with the click of a mouse.

Flexible vehicle labeling - Customize labels based on vehicle or fleet attributes and display up to 1000 vehicles on interactive map for simple tracking.

Right click menu for easy access to key features - Allows address and location data to be pre-filled without having to be typed in manually.

"We are committed to continuous innovation and delivering solutions that increase productivity and competitive differentiation for our customers, such as G4S Wackenhut," said Dyan Finkhousen, Mobile Resource Intelligence strategy leader for GE Capital Fleet Services. "Having best-in-class tools at their disposal allows users to provide first-rate customer service, reduce cost, and help drive profitable growth for their organizations."

GE's Mobile Resource Intelligence is available for a flat monthly subscription fee, which includes the cost of the hardware. Instead of making a significant up-front capital investment, customers pay for the product as they realize the benefits. As a result, companies may realize a more rapid return on their investment.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet