SAN CLEMENTE, CA - Leading automotive CRM provider DealerSocket announced that the Audi of America After Sales team has endorsed DealerSocket's ServiceDriver 2.0 product to provide automated Online Service Scheduling. The endorsement of DealerSocket means that eligible Audi dealers can receive up to 50-percent off their set-up fees and monthly service costs in co-op dollars from Audi of America.

"Audi dealers will appreciate that the DealerSocket Online Service Scheduling tool is very much in line with the Audi brand look and feel," said Brad Perry, DealerSocket CTO and co-founder. "Our ServiceDriver 2.0 product has undergone a complete transformation. The User Interface (UI) is clean, easy to use and has many enhancements in functionality. The launch of the Audi Online Service Scheduling tool is just one of many exciting upgrades the industry will see from DealerSocket products in the next six months."

DealerSocket's ServiceDriver 2.0 and Audi Online Service Scheduling package are available immediately along with co-op funds for eligible Audi dealers.

For details regarding the program, Audi dealers can contact DealerSocket at 866.956.6232.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet