PARKVILLE, MO - Location Technologies, a pioneer in Intelligent Fleet Management and Mobile Business Solutions that deliver advanced intelligence, versatility, and control to operations nationwide today announced the launch of its Navigo Explorer Web Map Solution. The Navigo Explorer will bring all of the comprehensive features of desktop solutions to a Web-based platform, requiring only a Web-browser to deliver anytime, anywhere access to advanced operational intelligence and management tools.

With the new tool, Location Technologies' clients will be able to log into their secure account from work, home or anywhere in the field using any browser for instant access and real-time updates. Like desktop versions of the technology, users are presented with a detailed map customized with their operation-specific modules, from vehicle location, diagnostics and activity to advanced weather mapping, routing, job-ticketing and more. The Navigo Explorer Web Map also features Location Technologies' proprietary Events Engine, a powerful tool that recognizes both every-day and less-common events set by the user and reacts by automatically directing the appropriate resources and actions.

The intuitive functionality of the Navigo Explorer enables operators, supervisors, directors and more to navigate quickly and easily between single or overlaid map layers to inform a variety of operational decisions. Working solely from this interface, key operation personnel from within Public Works, Public Transportation, Public Safety and private firms of any size can utilize the platform for better intelligence, communication and coordination with existing resources. The system also features a variety of customizable reports to provide detailed data to further maximize resources and develop more accurate budgets.

"Our clients' operations range from massive, highly-sophisticated fleets in large cities to small private firms - but detailed intelligence on their resources and activities is equally important to all of them," said Mike Cowger, head of business development at Location Technologies. "With this system, they can now access that vital data in real-time no matter what time it is or where they are, and react with informed management decisions that help their operations run safely and more efficiently."

About Location Technologies

Location Technologies provides Intelligent Fleet Management and Mobile Business Solutions to Public Works, Public Transportation, Public Safety and Private clients nationwide for an advanced degree of operational intelligence, versatility and control. The company's broad engineering expertise and experience with organizations of all types and sizes enable it to integrate customized solutions seamlessly with clients' existing operations. A pioneer and ongoing leader in the use of GPS, wireless data, remote monitoring systems and more, Location Technologies empowers decision-makers with the real-time intelligence and tools they need to make the most of their resources and run safer, more efficient operations. For more information call 816.741.3169 or visit the company's Web site at


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet