AUSTIN, TX - Whole Foods Market installed its first ChargePoint Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles (EVs) in Austin, Texas, April 12.

Whole Foods worked with Coulomb Technologies and EV Autos to implement the infrastructure. EV Autos is the Central Texas representative for Verdek, LLC, which is the southwest U.S. distributor for Coulomb Technologies, an electric vehicle charging station infrastructure provider.   

"Early adopters of the alternative fuel infrastructure set the tone for the community in accepting the new technology," said Leo Hinojosa, general manager of EV Autos Texas.  

"The more companies that welcome electric vehicles by establishing a smart, networked and convenient place to charge, the better it is for the mass adoption of clean transportation," said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies.

Speakers at the unveiling included Chris Riley, Austin City Council; Mark Dixon (shown below), Whole Foods Market southwest regional president; Guy Mannino, Verdek, LLC; and Karl Rabago, Austin Energy vice president for Distributed Energy Services.

Photo credits: Kristian Hinojosa

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet