NORTH ANDOVER, MA - TSD, the number one provider of Vehicle Management Software and Technology for more than 25 years, and Rent A Toll ® (RTL), a technology services company specializing in automated toll payment solutions, have announced a partnership that will allow subscribers to reduce many of the costs and fees associated with toll violations on their rental fleets while gaining incremental revenue from the sale of the RTL service to customers.

"Our focus has always been on creating ways for our customers to operate more efficiently and profitably, and this interface is an example of something that both improves operations for the rental company and improves the rental experience for the customer," said TSD President and CEO Charles Grieco. "An RTL interface eliminates the issues associated with rental car customers driving through tolls or incurring other toll-related fees, which means rental companies no longer have to worry about recouping those fees from their customers."

TSD customers who subscribe to the RTL service will eliminate toll violations, penalties and legal fees generated by their rental car customers while simultaneously reducing operating costs by providing a smooth electronic interface that allows them to automatically bill customers for the fees they incur while driving rental vehicles. The RTL service provides a cost-saving and convenient service for customers, who will not have to wait in long toll lines, scramble for correct change or incur costly penalties and fees when they incorrectly drive through a toll.

RTL's exclusive Pass24® prepaid toll service provides 24 hours of unlimited toll use for one low daily fee. The price of the service varies by market and is commissionable to the rental car companies, providing an additional source of revenue for TSD customers with the RTL interface.

"We are excited about the opportunity to partner with TSD and provide their customers 'the best in class electronic tolling solutions' that generate new revenue streams, improved customer driving experiences and elimination of all toll violation processing costs for car rental companies, fleet and auto dealerships," said Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rent A Toll, Jim Glasheen.

TSD customers can get more information on the RTL interface by contacting TSD via email:, phone: (800) 743-1200 or visit our website:

About TSD Solutions

For more than 25 years, TSD has specialized in technology and solutions for vehicle rental and fleet management businesses. TSD has developed industry-leading web-based software such as TSD RENTAL.NET Management Software, TSD LOANER Management Software, EDiCAR, an electronic insurance replacement reservation system, and REZ CENTRAL, which provides you with online reservation exposure and a comprehensive rate management tool. With REZ CENTRAL you can receive reservations from travel sites, corporate websites, GDS's, and other Internet booking engines. Our various software systems are utilized by thousands of rental companies and dealership organizations in the world. TSD's software is available as on-demand hosted solutions (SaaS), providing rental operators and dealerships with application and database access over the internet. For more information contact us via email:, phone: (800) 743-1200, or visit our website:

About Rent A Toll ®

Rent A Toll ® (RTL) is a technology services company specializing in automated toll payment solutions for car rental companies and their customers, auto dealerships, fleet leasing companies and corporate fleet managers. RTL has developed patented technology solutions that allow customers to pay tolls without stopping at the toll plaza by integrating the exchange of electronic toll data between the car rental agency, automotive dealer or leased vehicle and the toll authority. RTL is currently operating in Florida, Texas, Colorado, Northern California and the North East USA. For more information on how TSD customers can benefit from a RTL solution please go to or call RTL toll free at 877-509-9506.



Originally posted on Automotive Fleet