DETROIT - General Motors Fleet and Commercial Operations has announced Business Bridge, a new tool allowing fleets the ability to integrate specific vehicle operational and maintenance data into their internal systems for further analysis.

Business Bridge uses the integrated Vehicle Communications Platform (VCP), factory-installed in the vehicle, to monitor, store, transmit, and receive data that is deemed essential for fleet vehicle monitoring. The VCP is an electronic module that enables a variety of communication functions within the vehicle, as well as communication to and from external entities. 

"We created this technology with our fleet customers in mind after numerous one-on-one discussions with end-users and fleet management companies," said Joyce Mattman, director of Commercial Product and Specialty Vehicles, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations. "It became apparent that the smart thing was to provide raw data and allow our customers with existing systems, staffs, and relationships to analyze the data in a meaningful way for the best customer value."

The Basic Package will be available June 2010, providing raw data about each vehicle in the fleet, including vehicle mileage, percent oil life remaining, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from the engine and transmission modules, and tire pressures - both actual and recommended.  An Enhanced Package will be available in the fall that will offer additional raw data.

"This is an exciting new territory to be working in because today's technology is allowing us to provide our customers with more services than ever before," said Mattman.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet