HOUSTON and LANCASTER, PA - U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc., a provider of universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards, is expanding its Voyager Channel Partner Program with the addition of Lancaster, Pa.-based Rhoads Energy Corporation.

The latest Voyager Channel Partner to date, Rhoads Energy will begin issuing co-branded fleet cards for its customers to use at its locations in Lancaster and Dauphin counties in Pennsylvania and at any of the 230,000 Voyager fuel and maintenance acceptance locations throughout the United States. 

"This partnership with Voyager gives us the opportunity to offer our fleet customers a more comprehensive package of services," said Rhoads Energy President and CEO Michael DeBerdine, III. "They'll be able to purchase goods and services more easily, from a larger number of locations across Lancaster County and beyond. Additionally, we're excited about the program's potential to gain visibility and customer loyalty for Rhoads Energy."

Launched by Jerome H. Rhoads from the back of a rail car in 1917, Rhoads Energy now provides an array of product and service offerings that includes everything from heating oil to commercial fueling to heating and air conditioning equipment installation and natural gas. By becoming a Voyager Channel Partner, Rhoads Energy will offer its fleet customers an efficient and controlled way to purchase fuel and maintenance services across a vast network of locations.

The Voyager Channel Partner Program allows participants to generate revenue based on monthly fuel volume purchased with the co-branded Voyager fleet card at domestic and remote locations.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet