DEARBORN, MI - Safety-Kleen Systems, a provider of environmental services, oil re-refining and cleaning solutions, is replacing 140 large cargo vans in its national sales fleet with the Ford Transit Connect.

Through its products and services, Safety-Kleen enables other businesses to fulfill their green initiatives. The purchase of 140 units of Transit Connect will help the company achieve one of its green initiatives as well, according to Dan Kratz, director of Fleet Operations, Safety-Kleen.

"Replacing older cargo vans with new, more fuel-efficient vehicles is part of an initiative to green our fleet," said Kratz. "The Ford Transit Connect offers significant fuel savings over traditional cargo vans - 24 mpg versus 15 mpg. We also anticipate having less maintenance costs because the oil change intervals are longer with the Transit Connect."

The Transit Connect models will be used by members of Safety-Kleen's sales staff who work in 160 locations throughout the country. While fuel and cost savings are the main incentives, Kratz says there are other benefits to Ford's small compact van.

"We conducted a survey with our sales folks, and they said they wanted a vehicle that was more urban-friendly - something they could maneuver more easily through congested city streets," he said. "The Ford Transit Connect will fit the bill perfectly and still allow for ample cargo room."

Safety-Kleen sales representatives routinely carry samples of products, such as windshield washer fluid, the company's Eco-Power recycled oil and hand wipes. Kratz says the lower height of the Transit Connect will make it easier to get products in and out of the vehicle.

"We've had a test vehicle that we've wrapped with our company logo and upfitted with shelving," he said. "It's certainly more comfortable to load and unload because there is no lifting to the height of a traditional cargo van."

An unexpected bonus with the Ford Transit Connect, says Kratz, is the attention the vehicle attracts on the road.

"Because of its unique shape and size, it attracts notice from people on the street," he said. "These vehicles will provide a lot of exposure for the company from a marketing standpoint."


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet