ASHEVILLE, NC - Geneva, New York-based Phelps Sungas, Inc. is the newest propane AutoGas fuel supplier to join the national vehicle conversion and fueling network, Alliance AutoGas.

Founded in New York in 1939, Phelps Sungas, Inc. is one of the upstate area's oldest propane dealers - boasting more than 70 years of bringing affordable propane and top-tier customer service to the residents of New York's Finger Lakes region.  Sungas, with its service-centric philosophy, considers satisfied customers the foundation of its business and Sungas employees maintain long-term customer relationships.

The company's diverse offerings include both residential and commercial propane services, from home gas provision and appliance sales to bulk supply delivery, infrastructure for businesses, and forklift cylinder exchange. As the newest Alliance AutoGas partner, Sungas will bring clean AutoGas vehicle conversion and fueling infrastructure to New York's vehicle fleets.

"For Phelps Sungas, Inc., aligning with Alliance AutoGas was the obvious next step in expanding our propane product portfolio and reaching a new customer base in fleets," says Sungas President Roland Penta.  "We've always been driven by our commitment to the people of New York and bringing them the best products and services we can offer - what better way to continue that legacy than getting this clean burning, economical and American-made fuel on American roads?"

Penta is this year's Chairman of the National Propane Gas Association.  He has also endorsed Autogas for America, an industry-based initiative designed to propel use of propane AutoGas vehicles among America's fleets and to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil.

Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas, is thrilled to have Phelps Sungas, Inc. as an Alliance partner and a supporter of Autogas for America. "Phelps Sungas, Inc. prides itself on dedication to customer service, safety and affordability, with a motto of 'our people make the difference,' " says Weidie. "The Sungas team shares our ideals and our commitment to cleaning up America's air, one fleet at a time."

Phelps Sungas, Inc. and Alliance AutoGas will immediately begin discussions with local and regional vehicle fleets interested in a comprehensive AutoGas fueling solution that is available right now.

Alliance AutoGas asserts, "Don't change the vehicle, change the fuel." Alliance's turnkey solution provides fleets with:

  • Equipment and labor to convert vehicles from gasoline to AutoGas
  • Propane AutoGas fueling station onsite at fleet base, along with fuel provision
  • Safety and operational training for fleet personnel
  • Ongoing expert technical support

Fleets that convert to AutoGas can expect reduced fuel costs, a reduced carbon footprint and the satisfaction of using a domestically produced vehicle fuel.

About Alliance AutoGas
Alliance AutoGas - with founding partners Blossman Gas (the nation's largest independent propane company) and American Alternative Fuel - provides a turn-key solution that has fleet managers across the country committing to use clean, domestically produced AutoGas. Visit


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