IVYLAND, PA - The current state of the fleet industry and the impact of the current economic conditions that all fleet operators must deal with on a daily basis was the topic of discussion at Corporate Claims Management's (CCM) corporate sales and marketing meeting earlier this month.

The meeting agenda was developed by Robert Martines, CCM president, and Rich Tillotson, V.P. of sales/business development. In an effort to heighten the fleet market's awareness of CCM products and services and the positive impact that CCM can provide to the customer's bottom-line savings, the CCM sales and marketing team has developed a "Guaranteed Savings" approach to the cost of operating a fleet.

"It has long been the experience of CCM clients that the utilization of any of the CCM products or services resulted in often substantial cost savings," according to the company. "The CCM team has been challenged with getting that savings message out to the fleet industry in a way that allows companies the ability to calculate those savings and benchmark their current vendor's efforts."

Toward this effort, CCM is announcing a national marketing campaign that will stress the "30-second audit" feature of CCM's guaranteed savings approach. The first examples of this campaign can be viewed at a CCM's Web-based landing page: http://corporateclaimsmanagement.com/30secs/.

Fleet personnel can conduct an audit in the comfort of their office in less than 30 seconds. CCM will be developing additional marketing support for its "Guaranteed" approach effort with Automotive Fleet.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet