THOUSAND OAKS, CA - Calif.-based Omega Health Systems (OHS), in alliance with UK road risk and ergonomic risk management consultancy Cardinus Risk Management (CRM), announced a new partnership with Advanced Drivers of America (ADA), a defensive and advanced driver training provider.

OHS/CRM will provide online risk assessment and e-learning systems via their award-winning Safe Driving Plus system.

"As the figures show, road crashes are by far the biggest cause of work-related deaths," said ADA president and chief instructor Eddie Wren.

"To protect one's employees from harm, to help protect the local community and also to prevent serious losses to corporate profits, it is extremely important to create and actively enforce a sound driver safety policy, to enhance reliable driver attitude and safety knowledge, and to introduce and encourage the use of driving skills that can be shown to meet global best standards. The other important benefit is significant cost savings within the fleet through the use of relevant eco driving," Wren said.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet