QEK Global Solutions (Canada), Inc. provided fleet maintenance for the Olympic Torch Relay convoy vehicles. QEK led the team on a 45,000 km (27,961.77 miles) 106-day tour from one end of Canada to the other. Each night, the Relay stopped at a different location, where the crew would set up operations washing vehicles, performing minor maintenance or large repairs. 

Since 2005, QEK's Canadian operations have been working with General Motors of Canada and the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC), managing their fleet of approximately 200 in-service vehicles. In September 2009, deliveries increased to 100 vehicles per day, placing a total of 4,632 vehicles into service by the end of December. QEK employees were tasked with the tremendous responsibility of managing the coordination and logistics of the VANOC fleet in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Beginning March 1, QEK started receiving vehicles back from VANOC to manage the subsequent disposal, which required considerable coordination between QEK Canada, QEK US, and the QEK IT department to process the U.S. vehicles, according to the company. 

The Olympic Games officially ended for QEK last month in July when all vehicles were placed out-of-service and returned to their final destination. The QEK team went "above and beyond" to ensure the Relay vehicles were ready to go in front of the world stage the next day. Each member of the group was honored to "run the torch" at some point in the Relay.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet