DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Masco Contractor Services (MCS) has made a multi-year commitment to deploy DriveCam's Driver Risk Management solution in 23 locations across the country.  

Masco is a national installer of residential insulation and residential building products, including insulation, fireplaces, gutters, and shelving.

Sysco Corporation also signed on earlier this year to deploy DriveCam's Driver Risk Management solution in its entire fleet of 9,000 vehicles.

"With large fleets like Masco, industry experience and the ability to scale are critical to minimizing the costs associated with risky driving," said Brandon Nixon, DriveCam CEO.

DriveCam's palm-sized, exception-based video event recorder mounts to the windshield behind the rearview mirror and captures sights and sounds inside and outside the vehicle. Hard braking, swerving, collision, etc. cause the recorder to save critical seconds of audio and video footage immediately before and after the triggered event.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet