EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - GE Capital Fleet Services announced that customers enrolled in its Maintenance Management program realize $40 million in negotiated repair cost savings annually, according to an extensive maintenance pricing study. The program provides customers with access to maintenance providers that offer quality service for common repairs on popular auto, light truck and service vans.

Network Savings: By selecting fleet-focused maintenance providers that meet GE requirements, customers are able to access regionally-based pricing for common repairs such as oil changes, tire rotations, brakes and more. These providers are nationally recognized brand facilities such as Goodyear and Michelin who represent savings of up to 30 percent over independent garages.

Technical Advisor Negotiated Savings: GE Capital Fleet Services' maintenance control center is staffed 24/7 with ASE certified technical advisors who utilize new authorization tool technology to monitor maintenance provider pricing, benchmark against industry pricing and negotiate repairs that help Maintenance Management program customers realize significant cost savings.  The new technology is expected to add to the $40 million in negotiated repair savings realized by maintenance customers annually.

Provider Locator:  More than 4,400 dealerships and nationally recognized brand facilities can be easily accessed through the "Maintenance & Service Providers" link on www.gefleet.com.  Drivers can also locate service providers directly from their mobile devices by accessing m.gefleet.com. The mobile locator feature is supported by most BlackBerry (Rim), Window Mobile, Android, and iPhone devices. The search will return a profile for each approved provider including the address, phone number, and distance to each location. This additional feature makes it easy for drivers to locate service repair providers closest to them providing convenient, full-service support for their maintenance and repair needs.

"Fleets are continually looking to save money and time to streamline vehicle management," said Eric Strom, maintenance product manager at GE Capital Fleet Services. "The objective of the program is to provide customers with an all-encompassing network that gives users substantial cost savings and ease of repair that helps fleets remain efficient."

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