TORRANCE, CA - Bobit Business Media (BBM) Chairman Ed Bobit was honored by Chrysler representatives Sept. 30 during the Chrysler Fleet Advisory Board's visit to BBM headquarters in Torrance, Calif., where the Advisory Board visited during its fall meeting.

Following the meeting, more than 20 Advisory Board members and 100-plus BBM associates gathered in the lobby to watch as Chrysler's fleet management, including Pete Grady and Pat Dougherty, presented Bobit with a crystal trophy for his contributions to the fleet industry and maintaining a close relationship with Chrysler for 50 years. 

"It was a complete surprise and an emotional experience memorializing our mutual relationship in supporting each other over the years, and sincerely appreciated," said Bobit.

During the visit, the Board also had the opportunity to view the Fleet Hall of Fame wall, plus historic memorabilia from Automotive Fleet, BBM's flagship publication. Bobit was one of nine industry veterans inducted into the Fleet Hall of Fame in 2009.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet