WHITE PLAINS, NY - Verizon recently unveiled new alternative-energy trucks and vans that it will add to its fleet of service vehicles in Westchester County in the coming weeks.  

In all, 25 hybrid pickups and five compressed natural gas vans will be deployed in Westchester by the end of 2010.

The new vehicles are part of the more than 270 alternative-energy vehicles Verizon will add to its New York fleet this year as part of the company's ongoing commitment to conserving fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to improved air quality in the communities it serves in the state.

Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino and state Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer joined Verizon officials and others to unveil six representative vehicles - three hybrid pickups and three CNG vans - that were on display at the company's White Plains central office.

"Environmental leadership requires more than just words. It starts with a vision that then must be followed by action," said Astorino. "By deploying a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles, Verizon has shown how innovation and conservation can work together. I applaud Verizon for putting its words into action for the benefit of all of our county residents."

The Chevrolet hybrid pickups will be used by FiOS and traditional customer-service technicians and are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 43 percent over the conventional all-gasoline powered vans they will replace.

The CNG vans will also provide health and environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions by more than 20 percent and carbon monoxide by more than 90 percent over conventional gasoline-powered vans, as well as reducing unhealthy particulate emissions.

Jim Gowen, Verizon's chief sustainability officer, said:  "The introduction of these and other vehicles into our nationwide fleet has a variety of green benefits - increased energy efficiency, improved air quality, and curbing noise pollution, just to name a few. Using lower-carbon alternatives to power our fleet and making effective use of our highly intelligent broadband networks are just some of the ways we're reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Verizon is rolling out more than 1,600 alternative energy vehicles across the country this year, and increasing the use of biodiesel and flex-fuel (E-85) to power 470 vehicles.  

In addition to replacing traditional fuel vehicles with cleaner, lower-carbon alternatives, Verizon employees have been reducing CO2 emissions by cutting engine idling times. Since 2008, Verizon employees have conserved more than 2.7 million gallons of fuel, the equivalent amount of GHG emitted by about 4,580 vehicles annually, according to the company.

The announcement is just one of several Verizon has made within the last month regarding its alt-fuel fleet. Recently, the company announced the addition of "green" vehicles to its California and New Jersey fleets as well.

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