MT. ARLINGTON, NJ - Since mid 2007, the IARA Certification Program has offered remarketing associates insight into the industry through a comprehensive, thought-provoking curriculum. Professional remarketers participating in the program strengthen their core knowledge of remarketing principles, enhancing their professionalism and ability to better serve their clients.
The IARA Certification Program covers remarketing channels, presale activities, actual-sale activities, post-sale activities, legal and ethics issues, and terminology, and requires that each applicant pass all 20 course exams. Recently, EMKAY Inc.'s vehicle remarketing team - Les Lynott, Manager Vehicle Remarketing and Fleet Analytics Department; Mona Spoon, Territory Manager; Dave Thomson, Territory Manager; and John Elizaga, Territory Manager - became certified through the IARA' s Certified Automotive Remarketer Program.
"EMKAY is the first fleet management company where all remarketers have achieved this premier designation," said Matt Marks, executive director for the IARA. "EMKAY's remarketers are four of seventeen people in the world to have achieved this distinguished honor."
According to Les Lynott, one of the recently certified EMKAY associates, the team believes it is paramount to the success of the remarketing industry, and to their business, to continually advance the knowledge base.
"The IARA certified program falls directly in line with our culture of representing ourselves in the most professional and credible manner to our clients and within the industry," Lynott explained. He also stressed that the innovative program content allowed the team to improve its proactive consultation to clients, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.
About The IARA
The IARA was created in 2001 in response to a realization by several vehicle remarketing organizations that this multi-billion dollar per year industry had no direct representative organization. The IARA conducts two semiannual Roundtable industry meetings, one of which is in conjunction with a national remarketing conference. Further information is available at
It is the primary purpose of the IARA to provide a forum in which members are able to maximize remarketed vehicle portfolio values. Functions include:

  • Facilitate standardization of processes within the industry.
  • Provide a medium to facilitate joint initiatives among Alliance members.
  • Develop performance measurements for the industry.
  • Provide a forum for sharing ideas, knowledge, and best practices.
  • Encourage and support member adherence to the IARA Code of Ethics.
  • Share information on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the remarketing industry.
  • Provide a lobbying body to address legislative issues.
  • Provide a process of continuing education focused on the support of best practices in the remarketing industry.


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