TORONTO, CANADA - Complete Innovations Inc., a global provider of operational solutions for mobile workforce and transportation-related companies, announced the availability of the ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite. The Fleet Complete application has successfully achieved Enterprise Mobility validation through completing Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Validated Solution Program that includes joint testing at the Motorola Solution Center located in Holtsville, New York.

This designation will assure customers of system interoperability between the ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite and Motorola's ES400 enterprise mobile computer. The new ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite is powered by the flagship Fleet Complete and Courier Complete solutions. 

Designed as a turnkey solution, the ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite includes the durable Motorola ES400 enterprise mobile computer, Fleet Complete software and wireless data provided in partnership with mobile operators in the United States and Canada. The product platform provides customers with mobile resource tracking, dispatch workflow, barcode scanning, and signature capture and push-to-talk (PTT) communication. 

"We're pleased to deliver added assurance to our customers by becoming one of the first companies to achieve accreditation from Motorola," said Tony Lourakis, CEO, Complete Innovations."We're excited about combining the ES400 with our Track & Dispatch Suite to provide customers with a landmark new platform for GPS tracking and real-time communication."

Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Validated Solutions Program enables partners to test and validate their mobility solutions on Motorola products to help ensure interoperability and meet the customer application-specific needs, as well as reduce both the risk level and the time to deployment for the customer.

Customers using the ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite can look forward to these key features:

  • Durable Device: Can sustain the wear and tear of typical field use; occupies a sweet spot between consumer devices that are easily damaged and military / ruggedized standards
    that are cost-prohibitive.
  • Enterprise Applications:Supports and enables access to business critical applications allowing mobile workers to complete their tasks, wherever they are.
  • GPS: Integrated GPS for location-based services such as Fleet Complete and Courier Complete.
  • Windows Mobile & Corporate Email: Remote administration and enterprise security means you can manage device deployments easily and your field workers can rely on one device for all communication.
  • Voice, Data & WiFi: Works on all voice / data networks as well as offering WiFi for
  • Three-Year Targeted Lifecycle: Committed support from Motorola for a much longer
    lifecycle than consumer devices get to ensure your deployment today does not
    become obsolete two years from now.

Complete Innovations is also updating its Courier Complete Suite offer to include the Motorola ES400 as the core mobile computer. Courier Complete Suite includes software features specific to the courier industry such as a courier operations management module, expanded dispatch capability and a customer web portal in addition to all of the features available on the ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite.    

Visit our mobile resource management website for details on the ES400 Track & Dispatch Suite, or our courier software website for details on Courier Complete Suite.

The terms of the validation, including disclaimers, are set forth in the Test Agreement between Motorola and Complete Innovations and the Enterprise Mobility Validated Test Report.

About Complete Innovations Inc.:

Complete Innovations Inc., is a leading global provider of mission-critical operational solutions for mobile workforce and transportation-related companies. For more than ten years, Complete Innovations Inc. has been providing dispatching, fleet tracking and mobile resource management solutions to over 3,000 companies worldwide. The company markets its products under Courier Complete, Fleet Complete, and FuelFast brand names, and maintains partnerships with AT&T, Microsoft, Motorola, and TELUS. Visit Complete Innovations Inc. online at:


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet