EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - GE Capital Fleet Services announced results of a recent study which shows that customers enrolled in its Maintenance Management Program realize significant repair cost savings when utilizing GE's maintenance managed network dealerships.

The GE study, which analyzed program savings showed common vehicle repairs and services completed at its managed network dealerships yielded savings of up to 14 percent when compared to independent garages. The network, which is part of GE's Maintenance Management Program, provides customers with access to maintenance providers that offer quality service for common repairs on popular auto, light truck and service vans.

GE's maintenance managed network includes national account brand vendors Michelin, Goodyear, Sears, Pep Boys, AAMCO and more than 4,450 select dealerships offering competitive regional pricing and thousands of convenient locations.  Maintenance Management Program customers utilize managed network service providers and maintenance technical advisor negotiations that result in cost savings.  The dealerships benefits for Maintenance Management Program customers include:

  • Repair service pricing: GE's analysis of its managed network dealership rates when compared to independent garages shows an average customer savings range from 7-14 percent for oil changes, up to 9 percent for tire rotations, and up to 3 percent on front brakes for autos, light trucks and vans. GE's negotiated hourly labor rates, routine service pricing, and parts and tire discounts provides customers with bottom-line savings.
  • Coverage and convenience: GE's managed network dealerships have been strategically selected based on price competitiveness and geographic location. The OEM dealerships provide one-stop facilities for service and warranty repairs. Many have amenities to help drivers stay productive while waiting on-site for repairs. Repair providers are easily accessed through the Maintenance & Service Providers link on www.gefleet.com and from mobile devices at m.gefleet.com.
  • Technical expertise: With factory trained technicians and OEM parts, the Managed Network dealerships provide customers with an ideal selection for drivability and complex repairs. While routine or complex repairs are being performed, dealership service personnel are able to perform warranty repairs and check for any outstanding recalls.

"The selected dealerships with our strong base of national account brand stores creates added value and more choices for our Maintenance Management program customers," said Martin Schroeter, maintenance & safety manager at GE Capital Fleet Services. "We continually seek to enhance the managed network benefits for our customers, who value the dealership base."

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