CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - Collective Data, Inc. a leading provider of fleet management software systems, recently released the Extended Asset Module, a product designed to help fleets manage assets beyond the fleet.

"Organizations are following a growing trend to do more with less and consolidate software systems to manage all assets," said Jason Wonase, President of Collective Data. "Our software has been used in very creative ways over the years to track different assets ranging from facilities, to generators, to notebook computers. We wanted to offer a product that would make this type of tracking more intuitive and effective."

The new module allows a fleet to track any physical asset that requires the need to track its location, life cycle costs, maintenance schedule, and much more.

"There are no limits to what the Extended Asset Module can track for you," commented Andrew Lewellyn, Sr. Sales Executive for Collective Data. "The design of the module is to allow the user to define exactly what they need to track, as well as what data they need to track on those assets. Clients can use this module to track everything from power lines, to air compressors, to HVAC units, and even building and rooms."

The Extended Asset Module is deployable in two ways. The first option is for the organization to work directly with Collective Data to configure the software to accommodate the exact asset tracking required. If the organization has an IT department or tech-savvy user, an alternate option gives them the ability to define any number of unique asset types with each collecting and managing different elements of data.

Mr. Wonase is excited about the capability that this new module offers.  "Introducing this product is a milestone for Collective Data," he said. "It is just one more step in our long-term efforts of providing the most flexible and scalable fleet and equipment management software available to our clients."

About Collective Data, Inc.

Collective Data is a privately held corporation that produces fleet and equipment maintenance management software solutions deployed by over 280 public, private and commercial organizations.  Collective Data also provides additional services to its customers including consulting services, custom application development and data conversion.  Collective Data is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  More information about Collective Data is available at http://www.collectivedata.com.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet