TORRANCE, CA - The 2010 calendar-year saw executive managers interested in changing lease accounting rules, effect of vehicle depreciation, fleet audits, and safety - including cell phone use and distracted driving.  

Below, in no order, are the "Top 10 Fleet Financials articles" for 2010.

1.       Lease Accounting Rule Changes Draw Closer

2.       Depreciation Up in Most Vehicle Segments

3.       How to Audit Fleet Fuel Invoices

4.       Developing Fleet Cell Phone & Texting Policies

5.       Lahr's 'Lean' Approach Helps LKQ Lower Distribution Costs

6.       New Global Initiatives Help Pfizer Inc. Save More Than $30M

7.       What Do Fleet Managers Dislike Most About the Job?

8.       10 Myths About Fleet Management

9.       Building a Safety Culture for Company Drivers

10.   Senior Management Role Critical in Reducing Preventable Crashes


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet