The 2011-MY Hyundai Equus.

The 2011-MY Hyundai Equus.

WARREN, MI – Hyundai and QEK Global Solutions are conducting a series of five-day executive drives with Fortune 1000 companies in order to get feedback from chief level executives, QEK stated in a news release. The program goal is to schedule more than 300 demo drives as part of Hyundai’s Executive Demo Drive Program.

QEK stated it has placed Product Specialists at each of Hyundai’s five regional offices (Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles) to provide a program that includes target audience identification, driver selection and concierge, “white glove” vehicle deliveries. According to a QEK spokesperson, the demo vehicle is the 2011-MY Equus. 

“Due to QEK’s extensive automotive OEM experience, Hyundai has selected QEK as a valued, entrusted partner to seamlessly manage all aspects of the program,” said Richard Pipenhagen, Hyundai’s Corporate Sales Manager. “They have gone above and beyond our expectations.” 

So far, Hyundai and QEK say the feedback they have received from executives has been positive. Out of all participants surveyed, 100 percent said they feel this Equus Executive Demo Drive is an effective way to expose the luxury vehicle to customers who have not considered Hyundai products, QEK stated. Of those surveyed, 76 percent said they would recommend the Equus to family, friends, colleagues and peers.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet