The 2012-MY Audi A7.

The 2012-MY Audi A7.

HERNDON, VA – Audi announced that Automobile Magazine has selected two Audi models to receive awards for 2012.  The Audi A7 will receive the 2012 “Automobile of the Year,” and the TT RS will receive the 2012 “All-Star” award.

Audi said the publication’s President and Editor-In-Chief Jean Jennings will present the awards during the Los Angeles International Auto Show next week.

The automaker said Automobile chose the four-door luxury A7 for its sleek, striking design, innovative use of a hatchback, cutting-edge technology, and powerful engine. Automobile editors cited the A7’s effortless acceleration provided by an all-wheel-drive supercharged 3.0L V-6 and eight-speed transmission, as well as the car’s handling.

“The Audi A7 is the sort of car that, when you look at it, you want it,” said Jean Jennings, Automobile Magazine editor-in-chief. “The closer you get to it, the more you love it. Every mile you drive, you cannot believe how beautiful it is inside. Audi has positioned it perfectly between the A6 and A8 as a great all-around car providing class-leading storage space, a great powertrain, and really compelling design.”

Automobile Magazine editors called the TT RS “powerful, refined, and emotive – an exhilarating driving experience.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet