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Optimizing Fleet Management Through Telematics

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The era of fleet management prior to telematics has been described as the art of managing in the dark. The implementation of telematics into a fleet can help shine a light through that darkness through operational improvements.


11 Innovators in Telematics

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The telematics industry is an integral part of today’s fleet landscape and there are a number of innovative people helping advance and improve the business.

Fleet Incentives

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle in your fleet. Compare vehicles by class and model.


All About the ELD Mandate

The overall reduction and elimination of crashes is a top goal for most fleet operators and...

From the basics regarding compliance to details regarding costs and benefits, everything the vocational truck fleet manager needs to know about the upcoming deadline for the ELD mandate is shared.


Balancing Cost Reduction with Productivity Gains

Data captured from telematics devices and other sources can help fleet managers find areas for...

Reduce costs? “Why, that will hurt productivity.” Increase Productivity? “That costs money.” Is this true? Here’s how fleet managers can achieve a Zen-like balance between cost reduction and increased productivity.


2017 Fleet Management Trends: Telematics

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Consolidation among telematics providers in 2016 could create opportunity in 2017 for greater differentiation, increased connectivity, better pricing, and more standardization of features for fleets who add this technology, according to fleet management company experts.

Fleet FAQ

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners

Sherry Calkins

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners

Maintenance, Safety, and Compliance Aided by Telematics

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In fleet management, when it comes to these three important aspects that often require paperwork and tracking multiple moving parts, fleet managers can turn to telematics software to make those tasks a little less stressful.


Tackling Fleet Driver Privacy Issues

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Implementing telematics into a fleet can be daunting, especially if fleet drivers don’t understand the technology’s value. It's important to address any fleet driver concerns as soon as they arise.