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Telematics & Technology


Telematics to the Rescue

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There are times and situations when an ordinary day may turn into an extraordinary one, and having a telematics system can be the difference.


How the Demise of AT&T's 2G Impacts Fleets

The sunsetting of AT&T’s 2G network may bring short-term headaches for fleet managers, but in...

AT&T is in the process of discontinuing its use of 2G technology. This will impact fleets' use of GPS and telematics technology. What Fleet managers can do to keep operations running smoothly is shared.

Fleet Incentives

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle in your fleet. Compare vehicles by class and model.


12 Telematics Trends and Technologies


If there is one constant with telematics, it’s change. New technology emerges rapidly — and the way that technology is used evolves at the very same time. That means new trends are always on the horizon.

Fleet FAQ

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners

Sherry Calkins

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partners


6 Innovative Cost-Reduction Strategies

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By now, most fleet managers know where to look to cut costs, such as reducing supplier rates, tracking fuel costs, and managing depreciation. A few other areas can provide additional, innovative cost-saving strategies.


Safelite's Fleet Reduces TCO, Doubles Sales

Armstrong (left) and Traphagen regularly meet and work together to ensure year-over-year...

The company's fleet team strives to deliver year-over-year reductions in fleet cost per mobile customer served. Working with trusted advisors helps fleet management maximize supplier partnerships and enhance driver confidence.


Pioneer Redefines Fleet Fundamentals

Established by Corporate Fleet Manager Anthony Foster (far left) in 2011, Pioneer Natural...

After creating its fleet department three years ago, Pioneer Natural Resources has realized savings of more than $10 million per year. Standardization, leveraging procurement strategies, and telematics have helped generate these savings.